You may remember a post and interview with the band Wheels. They are making a new album and by using the Pledge Music business model, they are getting it done. They need our help.

In order to make the next album, which they have about 20 songs written for, they need $3000!! For each donation a prize is given. Prizes could be a high five, but they could be as substantial as a signed vinyl album or even free access to all shows for the year.

If you wish to donate, go here

Attention Mariemont readers: I am trying to get a private show for the Village Green, if you are interested talk to me. I already have some families willing to donate. It will take 10 families to donate $100. It sounds like a lot, but if there is a small entrance fee for all who would like to watch, we will make most of the money back. I was thinking this show would take place in late May. I’ll keep everyone posted.