A painting a friend made of me

As college starts to come around the corner I start to ask myself, what lies next for me musically. I will be attending Depauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.

I can no longer sit and my room and play to myself for my roommate will get angry. I can’t see as many shows anymore because Greencastle is in the middle of nowhere. I can’t keep up on all the new albums of my favorite artists because my workload will increase. I won’t be majoring in music, so I will be isolated from many of the musicians as well.

I started looking around at my musical opportunities at Depauw and the future may not be so bleak. They have the second best college radio station in the nation (WGRE). Also there is a committee to bring artists to Depauw. To be honest, the result is a little lame. I have heard for Halloween they brought Chiddy Bang, but is that the best they can do?

The radio station proves Depauw has the musical fan base to get more artists. I am not going to make it my goal to get chart-toppers down there, but rising stars. At a location 45 minutes from both Bloomington and Indianapolis, I am sure musicians could use Depauw as another stop on their tour. I feel as if I have learned how to make musical connections and with the help of others can help pull it off. I think it will be an exciting project!