Fans always want their favorite band to put out their new album, but are often disappointed. Being a musician for a living isn’t the best paying job. Often times a band has the material written for a new album and even gets as far as recording that material, but fails to come up with the funds to distribute their album. There is now a solution to the problem.

Pledge Music is a website devoted to helping bands get their music out there. To be a successful band these days you don’t have to please record labels, you have to please your fans. Pledge Music sets bands up with a page where fans can donate to their new album. Special perks are given out depending on how much money is donated. One can get anything from handwritten lyrics to a private house party.

The website even fulfills our love of progress bars as it shows how close the album is to being funded at the top.

I first saw this website used by Langhorne Slim, whose album was funded in a mere week. I don’t know if it is due to his success or the practicality of the website, but now Ben Sollee, David Wax Museum, and The Infamous Stringdusters are following.

I believe as Spotify and other free streaming services continue to take over the music world, this kind of promotion is the future. The band and fans work together for a common goal. Making an album has just become a community project.