For those of you who haven’t heard Cadillac Sky, I feel bad for you. And for those of you never got the chance to see them, well then you just haven’t lived yet. There never will be a band like Cadillac Sky again. A band with the energy of The Avett Brothers and the musicianship of The Punch Brothers. They played the bluegrass circuit for many years, but broke out of the scene and started opening for rock bands and playing at bigger venues. In 2010, they released their final record, and their masterpiece, Letters Of The Deep, produced by Dan Auerbach of Akron blues duo, The Black Keys.

I discovered this band shortly after the album was released, it was a game changer for me. It made me realize that there is no correct way to play an instrument. You are not bound by a genre. An instrument is just a means to get music out there, not music itself. Forget Lester Flatts and Earl Scruggs, because this record sets bluegrass into the modern era.

Sadly, after this album was made and fans were thirsty for more, the band slowly fell apart. Brian Simpson, the band’s frontman from the beginning, decided his time in the band was over and he had to move on. The band respected his decision and country singer Levi Lowery replaced him for the time being. They did a tour with British monsters Mumford and Sons and shortly after the general consensus was to take a break. So the band is on a hiatus for an unannounced period of time.

The other week I shot former frontman and mandolin player, Brian Simpson, an email to see if I could interview him. He just recently got back to me and it will be posted shortly. Watch these videos first and get familiar with what you are missing.

Here is an introduction of the band

The live experience