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If you’ve been reading my past couple of posts, you know that I am very passionate about music, especially honest acoustic music. Here is a collection of what I have to offer.

In the first photo you will see an array of instruments. Everything here has been worn by the hands of musicians. They are all second hand. The organ is an especially interesting buy.

I was perusing through the local thrift store and stumbled upon the object of my desire. An organ was lying in the middle of the store with the price tag at its side… $40!!! I drug it into my friends SUV and came home with my proud new posession. My parents were a little shocked by my purchase, they were expecting me to come home with a few dirty shirts and an ugly jacket, instead I brought home a heavy organ that we have yet to bring up the stairs into my room. Twas a great buy to say the least. Although I’m not a piano player, I can still play some chords along with others. I’ve also been working on my playing, maybe someday I can give it some (real) use.

My next picture features my 1980 12 String Rickenbacker. I love this guitar. Very cool sound. In fact Tom Petty often played the exact model. I found it in the local pawn shop while buying some strings. I fell in love, sold my old Mexican Strat, and bought it. I got it for a crazy deal. It was $800 or so. When I searched it online, I saw it for over $2000. Luck was on my side.

My last picture is a zoomed up picture of the head of my banjo so you can see the signature of Noam Pikelny. He is the banjo player for The Punch Brothers. At the end of their shows, they always sign autographs. I was ready for it, and made sure I had my banjo with me. I am especially proud of this signature.

Maybe I’ll do more posts about me in the future, I had some fun with this.