Ukeleles, banjos, drums, guitars, whistles, the Smart Brothers play it all. Jesse and Luke Edwards, who go by Jay and Lou Smart on stage, play their own style of folk based in San Diego. They sometimes play with their childhood friend, Mike Reed, who goes by Mickey Smart on stage. Although they have a place to sojourn, they call the road their home.

The band started out, in 2007, on street corners busking for whoever would listen. Although busking may be very fun and free form, there isn’t too much money that lies in this form of entertainment, so they took their show to the concert and festival scene. Since then they have really taken off the ground and have played such festivals as Bristol Rhythm and Roots, Shakori Hills, and FloydFest.

This year, Mickey decided to take his talents elsewhere and joined the SteamPunk comedy band, Steam Powered Giraffe. In his absence the brothers added two touring members and are going to begin a tour this spring with a full band to play with them.

For those who haven’t listened yet, they have got a VERY interesting sound that has pulled me in from the first listen. Imagine if The Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys had an “orgy porgy” with The Strokes… BOOM!!!!!!!!! The Smart Brothers would be born.

For those that are intrigued by this description, or don’t believe that a band like this can exist, check out these vids below. And I hear there may be an interview with Lou in the near future….