Some of you may know the frenetic banjo strumming, horn blaring, foot stomping, band Holy Ghost Tent Revival. The band is led by frontman Stephen Murray who ravages the banjo and belts out vocals in an interesting style rarely heard in these modern times. He was often harmonized by bass player, Patrick Leslie, who some would argue had a better voice. The days of this vocal duo are over.

Recently Patrick, known to the band as PJ, got engaged. It is hard for a man who is looking to get married to stay out on the road for so long. Some wives wouldn’t allow their husband to live that sort of life. It is my assumption that PJ decided to walk the walk and leave the band for the idea he is always singing about, love.

An email from Mike Martin, the bands guitarist, shows that all hope is not lost for the band. He wrote an email to all of us fans on the mailing list telling us that Kevin Williams will be coming off the keyboard for a while and heading onto the bass. They already have some shows on the way with the new lineup.

For all the Patrick fans out there, his voice will not yet fade out. The band has two recordings to come out in the near future. One being the mastered recording of “The Living Room Sessions,” a sessions take that was recorded in the homes of the band. The unmixed version is currently being sold at shows. The new album is still being recorded, and Patrick agreed that he will still be apart of it. Although he will be missing in the live show, he will forever be on record.

For those of you who have not yet experienced HGTR, here is a video that will show you the energy that you are missing

And now to end this blog on the somber note that it started. “An End To” a musical journey for Patrick Leslie


I have set up an interview with PJ that you will be seeing in a future post. Be looking forward to it